Lisans 2007 19 Mayıs Üniversitesi
Yüksek Lisans 2009 Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi (Ders Sadece)
Research Asistant 2012-14 Middle East Center (FSU)
Yüksek Lisans 2013 Florida State University
Teaching Asistant 2014-2016 Florida State University
Doktora 2016 Florida State University
Dr. 2016- Ordu Üniversitesi



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Research Travel Funding, Department of History, FSU, 2014, 2015

Congress of Graduate Students Presentation Grant, FSU, February 2015

Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library Grant, January 2015

The Harry S. Truman Library Institute Research Grant, November 2014

The Graduate School Dissertation Research Grant, FSU, November 2014

 FSU Library Research "Research Materials on Turkey during WWII," Grant co-written with Dr. Peter Garretson and Dr. Kurt Piehler, FSU, November 2012

      Graduate School Scholarship, Turkish Ministry of Education, 2009-2016